been gone 

I’ve lost my mind 

I’m numb inside 

there’s to much on my mind 

I’m Been gone a long time 

I need to find the right time 

to find what’s inside 

I will

it’s my mind 

inside is mines 

my mind 



I have so much to say but can’t find a way to put it all in words correctly . thinking mood 


one word ..



 I love the way this looks . my thinking place when I need to think 😏🍃🍃 



                thoughts I always thought I can run to family when im in the outside world and I feel scared 

I thought home was my safe place

 I thought my mom arms was supposed to always be open for me when I needed it 

I thought i had a family but really everything 

I thought was a fairy tale 

im actually in hell i run to the people I try to run away from I try to hide not to really show what’s inside but im not that strong my bones are weak I feel so incomplete I don’t have a family I have siblings

 I have a heart but slowly it’s being torn apart

 im sad can anyone notice 

im sad does anyone care 

I don’t want to react badly when I can even lose my own career 

Birthday Girl 

This girl right there her name is Tamara today is her special day and I want to wish my co worker a HAPPY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY 💕🍓  

This can open so many people eyes


My Story

            my story 

I’m in a place called ” home” where I feel alone 

I’m in a place called hell where it’s disguised hard to tell

I’m in my own little world where I could tell

I’m  in a place where everyone thinks it’s safe 

I feel used and abused

I have no power 

I’m a ticking bomb ready to destruct all this is really messed up

I’m in a place surrounded by strange faces I can barely see 

I can’t even really tell who believes in me 

it’s sad and it really gets me mad

that it can be your own family who turns the tables around 

it’s really sad and cruel and it’s really hard to finish school 

I’m in a place where no one takes me serious because everything I say it’s freaking hilarious  

this shit is delirious it’s time to really show people im serious 

this shit really sickens me that it’s really getting the best of me 

I’m tired of this place I call home 

I would always be alone 

so one thing I would say 

is im gone and I would stay in the place I called home where is my mind and that’s the place I don’t feel alone 

my home 😊💕

So, You Want to Start a Blog…

this a start for anyone like me

Truth and Cake

Whenever I meet someone new, our conversation inevitably turns to our interests, what we do, how we spend our time. And, since it’s an important aspect of my life and one that I’m proud of, I mention this blog.

Nine times out of ten, this is the part of the conversation where the other person lights up, excitement infusing her voice. As it turns out, she has been “thinking about starting her own blog!” And do I have any advice to offer?

Blogs are the new calling card de rigeur. Many people have one. Many more are thinking of starting one. But not everyone understands what blogging entails. They get all excited, fire up their computer, pick out a theme and a clever name and sit down to write that post that’s been rolling around in their head for months. They hit publish and wait. Maybe their mom or best…

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